There are many different answers to the “right way” to set up a green roof. The most common solutions in use now are built-in-place and modular. Amlings is a firm believer in the modular system. Amling's has over 100 years working with live foliage designs, installation and maintenance. Green roofing and live green walls are a natural progression into the future of Amlings and how we can help our clients GREEN-UP Chicago. With years of experience we can design, install and maintain your green roof project or live green wall interior or exterior vertical gardening.

A modular green roof is made up of a series of trays, which hold engineered soilGreen roof installation plug and plants. This allows the use of a green roof directly on existing roofing membrane, without retrofit and the associated risks and costs. It still provides the important elements associated with green roofs, including storm water retention, insulation, and membrane protection. The green roof trays we use are made of recycled HDPE material, and come in a variety of sizes for both extensive (4”) or intensive (8”) soil depths. Custom depths and sizes are available as required.

Custom quotes for green roof systems and green wall systems are complimentary.